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Welcome to Receptive Konnection

A Customer Service and Administration specialist passionate about supporting the unique needs of rural tradies and rural women in business! 

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Bravo! Well done on coming this far in your business and recognising the value of taking the time to outsource to a Virtual Assistant!


What an accomplishment for you getting ready for growth and scaling! I'd love to discuss how I can effectively support you so you can scale your business. You've worked so hard to come this far. It is the perfect time to free yourself of the day-to-day work and outsource the jobs you don't want so you can focus on delivering the best healing experience to your clients.


Receptive Konnection is a specialised virtual assistant service for rural tradies and rural women in business. I provide remote support to businesses that may lack the resources for traditional in-person support.


Let's collaborate to empower you to achieve balance, freedom, and growth in your daily operations. Ensuring your organisation and time management are in capable hands, you can focus on the meaningful work that drives you, providing exceptional experience to your clients without the burden of admin and customer service tasks.



Admin Support

Reducing your mental checklist will make you feel in control, bring motivation and enthusiasm back to the whole reason you started.


From scheduling to document management, we ensure seamless efficiency to help you reach your ultimate goal!

*Packages are available*


Ecomm Admin

Elevate your e-commerce efficiency with a top-tier administrative virtual assistant service.


From order processing to customer support, we optimise your operations for seamless, high-performance results. 

*Packages are available*

Copywriting & Website

Have your best foot forward and build and/or maintain a website. Supercharge your copywriting, blog, and newsletter endeavours with our premier copywriting virtual assistant service. We handle research, organisation. 


We specialise in refining your messaging for educational, engaging communication.


*Packages are available*

**This is a collaboration and will be outsourced as agreed**


Social Media

Reduce your social media responsibilities and take advantage of another set of hands. Are you looking for more organisation and planning for your content? Looking to free up time so there's one more thing off your list for the month ahead?

Hand the reins of social media groups, moderating, scheduling and maintenance over so you can do what you do best!

*Packages are available*


Customer Relationship Management

Transform your customer relationships with exceptional customer relationship management. 


From data organisation to personalised interactions, let's excel in optimising your CRM processes, template creation for unparalleled customer satisfaction.

*Packages are available*


Quote & Quote Follow up

Optimise your quote management with our specialised admin virtual assistant service. From generating accurate quotes to diligent follow-ups, we ensure your business processes seamlessly and effectively. Generating new business, helping you scale and grow. 

*Packages are available*

Inbox Clean up packages

Hi there,

Lovely to meet you

I'm Rannee, the founder of  Receptive Konnection

I launched my VA business in April 2021 not long after the birth of our 4th baby. I knew life for us could never return to the hustle and bustle of 9-5, nor did we want to as a family. We want the freedom to live life a little slower paced to enjoy these special years with our children. I whole heartedly believe we all need the ultimate work/life balance (whatever that looks like for you in this current season). After all, life is for living, not just existing! 



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Receptive Konnection Virtual Assistant Office

Savvy package is designed for rural tradies and business women needing 8 hours of support monthly.


Rannee Katsonis Virtual Assistant

Balance package is designed for rural tradies and business women needing 16 hours of support monthly.


Rannee Katsonis books

Growth package is designed for rural tradies and business women needing 24 hours of support monthly.


OLC Sarah_edited.jpg

“Rannee has been amazing! She cleaned up 12mths of backlogged emails, implemented a CRM, followed up customers efficiently. She corresponds with other business units autonomously but most importantly, all our customers receive efficient responses.


Rannee has a magic touch dealing with our beautiful and challenging customers too! Rannee helps across the business and supports me with a positive mindset which is invaluable.


I absolutely recommend Rannee, she takes initiative and gets it done without my guidance. I believe she will be a long term part of our growing team. It is clear she shares the same passion for my business as I do!”


"Thank you Rannee for helping me get my business off the ground! I would not be where I am today, without your dedicated, ongoing support"

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