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Project: Email Clean up

We underestimate how much our unorganised inbox creates overwhelm, stress, and anxiety in our life. I have seen firsthand the difference a simple email clean-up can be, its truly life-changing! This is where we step in to help - NO JUDGEMENT!  It can be difficult to let someone into your personal space which is why we keep you updated every single step of the way. 

We LOVE getting in, decluttering, and organising your inbox to reduce your overwhelm. Never miss a customer email, invoice, or appointment! Imagine logging in and having a neat inbox!

  • Archive

  • Unsubscribe

  • Categorisation

  • Flagging/Unflagging

  • Simple, clear labeled folders

  • Removing unwanted clutter

Please contact us for a quote for 60k+ or more than 5 accounts

**Packages available for weekly/fortnightly/monthly maintenance starting from $50**

Receptive Konnection essential email clean up

Essential Package

Our Essentials Package is for the sleek, savvy accounts looking for extra support with 0-20,000 emails, up to 5 accounts


Premium email clean up Receptive Konnection

Premium Package

Our Premium package is for those busy bees with 20,000 - 40,000 emails, up to 5 accounts.


Receptive Konnection Platinum email clean up

Platinum Package

Our Platinum package is for those bustling accounts of 40,000 - 60,000 emails, up to 5 accounts.


**Packages available for weekly/fortnightly/monthly maintenance starting from $50**