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Why I love supporting rural women in business

…Living rural is incredible. It’s a lifestyle only those who know will understand. The beautiful sight of country as far as the eye can see. The long, windy roads in and out of town watching the sunrise or sunset ... That feeling as your nervous system resets when you leave suburbia behind and you hit the final homestretch. It also has its own set of unique challenges, especially when you’re a rural business woman. Sure we can take advantage of technology today, it makes our lives much easier staying connected which is great, but for some of the rural business women community, they are under serviced and under resourced. Read on to discover how a VA like me can help you!

Thinking outside the traditional box for rural business women

I get it. You’re a tough chick. Resourceful is your middle name! You didn’t get this far just to just get this far. You’re stuck in a plateau and you’re now looking to scale and grow your business ... you’re just limited with options as rural business women.

  • You’re feeling cornered. Where do you turn from here?

  • You’re in a small town and have had an ad out for some time now. You may have had some responses and perhaps no one has quite yet fit the mould.

  • Maybe there is a budget restriction that you’re just not quite ready to hire someone.

  • Maybe you need some support that isn’t your traditional 9-5.

I’m here to tell you that’s ok! I am here to help! Outsourcing your admin workload will allow you the freedom to get back into doing what you do best!

Where do you start? Firstly, you need to sit down and work through what sort of support you need before you start looking for anyone. Don’t worry about missing anything! You can build momentum and how much you outsource once you find the right VA for you. Here’s a few ideas you could start with:

  • Email & calendar management

  • Social media scheduling

  • Online customer care and engagement

  • Appointment confirmations

  • Updating your social media bio

  • Updating some processes & policies

Working with limited resources for rural business women

Unlike city folk with an endless supply of resources at their fingertips, we are part of small communities with very limited resources. For some of us that means an insanely long drive to reach any sort of shop or an unskilled, aging community. It's not just about money, trying to make a sale.

For rural business women, it’s the communities that matter. The community is at the forefront of every decision being made behind the scenes. It all comes from the heart, and you genuinely want to make a change. I know you want to keep it local and invest back into our small communities. There’s only a limited timeframe before you start wearing yourself out wearing all the hats. Taking your business to the next level is absolutely within reach, despite limited resources!

  • Prioritise what you need support with

  • Start small if that’s all you need and reach out to your community to network.

  • Collaborate with other businesses to help: Join my networking group Rurally Konnected Women in Business here to network with other women in business that will understand where you’re coming from and support you wherever you’re going next.

Support Small Business & Communities – Support Rural!

It’s the old cliché statement, I know, I know. Truth is, if we don’t support local and help support rural, the communities and rural business women will suffer. For the majority, we are not upgrading our 3rd yacht or adding another investment property to our portfolio (I mean, kudos to you if you do!). We are here, trying to make an honest living around our family commitments. This sometimes means we are extended to the tip of our limits, especially with limited resources and can lead to all sorts of imbalance.

Ladies, I see you. I hear you. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to do it alone. It’s time to outsource and conquer your admin! Let’s connect, uplift and support each other. My vision for the rural communities is to have the same support as the city folk do. I would absolutely love to help alleviate some of your day-to-day admin so you can soulfully serve your clients and customers!

If you are a rural, regional, or remote woman in business it’s time we had a chat!

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